• Cannabis Infused Oils and Butters

    On October 5, 2023 By Elevated Staff in General

    Cooking with cannabis is a culinary journey that adds an exciting twist to your kitchen adventures. However, before you can start crafting delicious cannabis-infused dishes, it’s essential to understand a fundamental concept: decarboxylation. This process is the key to unlocking the full potential of cannabis in your culinary creations. Decarboxylation may sound complex, but it’s …

  • Get Started Cooking with Cannabis

    On October 5, 2023 By Elevated Staff in General

    Cooking with cannabis opens up a whole new realm of flavors and possibilities in the kitchen. Before you dive in, it’s crucial to understand the basics that make it all work. At the core of cannabis-infused cooking is decarboxylation. It might sound complex, but it’s a straightforward process with a big impact. Decarboxylation happens when …

  • The History of Medical Cannabis

    On July 12, 2023 By Elevated Staff in General

    Throughout recorded history, cannabis has played a significant role as a resource for humanity. Evidence of its cultivation and usage dating back thousands of years suggest a long relationship between humans and cannabis. Examples range from hemp textiles created around 7000 years ago to the discovery of charred cannabis seeds from approximately 5000 years ago. …

  • Introduction to Edibles

    On July 12, 2023 By Elevated Staff in General

    An increasing number of individuals are exploring its consumption for the first time. With a multitude of ways to experience THC, it’s natural to feel a tad overwhelmed and unsure about where to start. Thankfully, there’s an option that tends to have a more approachable appeal: gummies and edibles.

  • The Various Highs Explained

    On May 10, 2023 By Elevated Staff in General

    Whether it’s Pineapple Express, Green Monster, Charlotte’s Web, or Mr. Nice Guy, the effects from each strain of cannabis can range greatly. Where Charlotte’s Web has almost no THC and was bred to help with seizures without the psychoactive high, Pineapple Express instead is a flavorful sativa intended to give you the giggles! While both are cannabis, their respective highs couldn’t be more different.

  • Take a Sneak Peak at our Grow Op!

    On May 25, 2021 By Amanda in General

    Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside our Grow Operation?  We are proud to present this video of our grow produced by Redbird Creative Studios. Follow our General Manager Ben as he gives you a tour through our many rows of beautiful, lush cannabis plants.  In this video you will see some of …

  • New Product!

    On August 10, 2020 By Sherri in General

    Are you looking for a new edible to enjoy on these hot summer days?  We have just what you are looking for! Elevated Longmont now carries NFuzed Sour Gummy Variety Pack.  These gummies come in watermelon, blueberry, apple, peach, pineapple, grape and strawberry.  The 10 pack comes dosed with 10, 10mg gummies that are tasty …

  • We are celebrating 710 tomorrow!

    On July 9, 2020 By Sherri in General

        Be sure to stop in to Elevated Longmont tomorrow, Friday 7/10, to take advantage of all the great deals we have going on! Featured products in Herban Legendz, Kush Masters, and Sunshine Extracts, among many other in store specials. We also have over a dozen strains of bud on the shelves that will …

  • Featured Product!!

    On June 23, 2020 By Sherri in General

    Featured Product!     Dutch Girl Chocolate Stroopwafels – A traditional confection for contemporary indulgence, our kitchen is proud to present a unique venture for the palate of the discerning chocolate lover. Dutch Girl’s new gourmet Chocolate Stroopwafels are crafted from only the finest ingredients available and feature a luscious dark chocolate cream interior that’s …

  • Happy 1st Birthday to Elevated!

    On February 18, 2020 By Sherri in General

                                                                                      Happy 1st Birthday to Elevated!   Elevated Longmont is turning one year old on …

  • Elevated Flower is on the Shelves!

    On August 15, 2019 By Sherri in General

    Elevated Flower is on the Shelves!   We have some exciting news!  Our flower is finally on the shelves.  It has been a long wait, and you have been very patient while our babies matured to beautiful bud.  Now it is time to reap your rewards!  This week we are introducing Lucky Charms, GG#4, Colin …