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  • New Product Alert!

    On January 5, 2021 By Sherri in New Product Alert

    Introducing a new flavor of Wyld! The Elderberry Wyld combines CBN and THC for the perfect combination for a good night’s sleep.  CBN combined with THC derived from indica dominant flower is a powerful sedative that can really help consumers fall into a nice, deep slumber.  Many Elevated employees and even one of the owners …

  • New Product Alert!

    On October 7, 2020 By Sherri in New Product Alert

      New Product Alert!   Nokhu Labs 100% Solventless Gummies.   We are excited to introduce these solventless gummies to our menu.  These Rosin based gummies are different from distillate based gummies because they offer a full spectrum high that a distillate gummy doesn’t have.  You will definitely be able to tell the difference when …

  • New Product Alert!

    On September 8, 2020 By Sherri in New Product Alert

    Elevated Longmont now sells Kief from our in house flower.  It’s a great product to top a bowl or add to your joint.  Kief is a great way to add potency to your favorite flower. Strains include I95, Colin OG, Str8 Lemonade, God’s Bud and GG#4.

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