Elevated Flower is on the Shelves!

On August 15, 2019 By Sherri in General

Elevated Flower is on the Shelves!


We have some exciting news!  Our flower is finally on the shelves.  It has been a long wait, and you have been very patient while our babies matured to beautiful bud.  Now it is time to reap your rewards!  This week we are introducing Lucky Charms, GG#4, Colin OG, and Ghost Rider.  Our master grower has produced some really great bud, and the customer reviews are coming in with five stars.


In later weeks we will be adding LHSD (Lemon Hash Sour Diesel), NYCD (New York City Diesel), Banana Hammock, Snow Ball, Blue Dream, and Gods Bud to our menu.  We are sure that you will be able to find the perfect strain for you. Our budtenders are excited to introduce you to these dank buds.   Look for the jars with the Elevated logo to find our home grown weed on our shelves.



Another exciting development is that we are now selling clones from our grow.  Korey, our Master Grower, takes the utmost care with his plants and only offers the best to our customers.  Watered daily and sitting under a light, our babies are green and healthy and ready to find a new home. Strains will vary depending on our grow, so stop in regularly to see if your favorite mom has had some babies!


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