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On May 14, 2021 By somali.banerjee in

I’ve been to dispensaries in Lafayette, Louisville, and even all the way up in Frisco; Elevated Longmont is by far my favorite. The drive from Erie isn’t terribly short, but it’s a relaxing cruise so I don’t mind it. Elevated is kind of tucked away off a backroad, but if you keep an eye out for the building and large sign hopefully you won’t miss it like I did the first time 🙂 I usually get flower and I’m consistently impressed with the quality – never gotten anything that seemed old or dried out like I have at other dispensaries. I’ve done both online ordering (which is super convenient) and gone in to shop without a solid idea of what I wanted. The staff is always super helpful and knowledgeable about what I might like based on past purchases. They also have a loyalty program which is great, and different deals depending on what day of the week it is. My favorite is Free J Fridays (spend a certain amount and get a joint for a penny). I highly recommend Elevated!! I’ve been here at least a dozen times and will continue to go back for the great buds and the friendly staff.


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