Meet Brett Weiley!

Meet Brett Weiley!


Brett is 25 years old and one of our Shiftlead Budtenders at Elevated.  He has been working in the industry for 4 years, mainly as a budtender, but also in reception, growing and trimming, and in a processing lab.  Brett is an endless supply of information about every aspect of the cannabis industry. He loves to share his expertise in the industry. Brett always likes to find new products and increase his knowledge.


Brett is quite the outdoors man.  His favorite activities include hiking, snowboarding, biking, and various other outdoor activities.  He likes to both participate in and watch football, basketball and golf. Brett also plays the guitar, loves to travel and is a major foodie.


Brett’s favorite flower is any bud  with purple in it (grape ape, granddaddy purp, and purple urple).  His favorite edible is Keef Cola. If he’s in the mood for concentrates, he enjoys Viola, Double Black, Olio Live Resin.  


Brett has a German Shepherd mix named Kahluah.  He goes with Brett when he is outside doing something fun.  Next time you visit Elevated, say hi to Brett!