Meet Desiree Renteria!

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Meet Desiree Renteria!


Desiree is 30 years old and is our Inventory Manager at Elevated Longmont.  Desiree started her career working in healthcare for the last 10 years. Two years ago she started in the Cannabis industry and has since been able to help more people.  Desiree’s Cannabis career started as a bud tender at KindCare of Colorado. She was promoted to shift lead and then began to cross train in inventory. When she left KindCare of Colorado she was running the floor and doing inventory.  Desiree was promoted to Inventory Manager at Elevated Longmont when we opened in February.


Desiree loves hiking and spending time with her kiddos:  Arianna age 9, Jaden age 17, and her grandson, 3 month old Benttley.  She also enjoys riding her motorcycle in the Colorado sunshine and going to concerts with friends.


Desiree prefers concentrates and flower.  She prefers any live resin products, especially Kush Masters.


As with most of the employees at Elevated Longmont, Desiree is a fur momma.  She has 2 doggos: 3 year old Denver, a pit mix, and 10 year old Dosha, a Dachshund mix.


Next time you’re at Elevated, say hi to Desiree!

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  • Christy

    She is the Most Amazing Woman.. Beautiful and Kind. She is the Best!


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