Meet Julian Pacheco!

On December 4, 2020 By Sherri in Elevated Staff

Meet Julian Pacheco!


Julian is a budtender at Elevated Longmont.  He has been working in the industry since January of 2019.  He has worked in 2 other Dispensaries and has been a budtender the entire time.


Julian passes his spare time with many hobbies!  First and foremost, he enjoys smoking weed and playing video games.  You will find him smoking his weed in one of the many unique pieces of glass that he collects.  In addition to weeds and gaming, Julian builds computers, the same ones you can find him playing games on!  Lastly, Julian enjoys small animals, anything that fits in an aquarium or a small cage.


Julian, like the rest of the Elevated staff, enjoys dogs, as long as they are small.  He has a chihuahua named Daisy that he has described as being similar to a big rat.  He also has a Bearded Dragon named Lt. Thornelius Dan, Lt. Dan for short, that has degenerative bone disease in his legs so they don’t work as well as they should.


His favorite product, aside from great weed, are Nohku Labs solventless gummies.  He loves that they hit hard and fast, just like smoking a big, fat dab.


Julian is a great addition to our team with a vast knowledge of cannabis products.  He is a great resource for any customer, new or experienced, who needs help finding their next favorite thing.  As an additional bonus, Julian speaks fluent spanish which has been awesome for our spanish speaking customers.  He says he’s not going anywhere and that he’s in the industry for life.  


Next time you’re at Elevated Longmont, be sure to say hello to Julian!


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