Meet Kelsey Satchel!

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Meet Kelsey Satchell!


Kelsey is 28 years old and one of our budtenders at Elevated.  Kelsey has two years experience trimming bud, along with some processing and packaging.  This is her first time budtending and she is in love with it. She loves the retail side of things, especially helping people and making them happy.  Kelsey feels like Elevated is the perfect place for her. She is happy to answer any questions you may have when you stop in. Her goal is to help our customers find the perfect product no matter their level of experience with cannabis.


Taking walks with her two year old son is one of Kelsey’s favorite things to do.  They love to take adventures and explore the parks in Colorado. She is happiest when she is outdoors.  Rocky Mountain National Park is one of her favorite places to be. Kelsey also has a creative side. She enjoys nature and cannabis photography, painting watercolors, script calligraphy, singing (she’s placed first in many competitions), and music.  Kelsey’s musical choices are heavy bass, the heavier the better, dubstep and riddim. She loves to dance and loves the EDM community. To top it all off, Kelsey loves to bake, especially desserts.


Kelsey loves to smoke bud and dabs.  She loves a good doobie! She also collects glass pieces.  Flower will always be one of her favorite products. She likes Tastebudz edibles, and she uses them to help her stay asleep.  She recommends the indica gummies if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep. Coda chocolate bars are one of her guilty pleasures; the perfect combination of chocolate and a good high.  Lastly, she thinks Chaos krispies are incredible. They are great for pain and relaxing.


Next time you visit elevated, be sure to say hi to Kelsey.


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