Meet Kristal Beecher!

On September 30, 2019 By Sherri in Elevated Staff


Meet Kristal Beecher!

Kristal is 29 years old and is one of our shift lead bud tenders at Elevated. She has been working in the marijuana industry for 2 years. She started as a bud tender and has advanced to a shift lead. She has also worked as a trimmer and has done some of her own growing.

Kristal has many hobbies and interests outside of the industry. As far as outdoor activities, she likes to go hiking, boating, and snowboarding. Her favorite indoor activities include wood carving, painting, drawing, bowling, dancing, going to concerts, playing PlayStation and of course, smoking.

Kristal’s favorite products are Live Resins and flower.

Like all of the employees at Elevated, Kristal is definitely an animal lover. She has 4 dogs: Bruno, a 3 year old Pit-bull, Peggy Smalls, a 6 month old Brindle Pug, and Devi, a 6 month old black Pug. She also has 1 snake named Lezboa.

Kristal is a very family oriented person. Friends are also a very important part of her life. Spending time with the people she loves is a favorite pastime for Kristal. She loves the state she was born and raised in, Colorado. And of course, she is a Denver Bronco’s fan! Next time you visit Elevated, say hi to Kristal!


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