Meet Mikki Varone!

On May 6, 2019 By Sherri in Elevated Staff


Meet Mikki Varone!


Mikki is 27 years old and one of our budtenders at Elevated.  She is a transplant from New York, but loves living in Colorado.  We’re pretty happy she’s here, too. This is Mikki’s first job in the industry and she is a natural.  Mikki has a vast knowledge of our inventory and can help guide you to the perfect purchase every time.  Mikki always listens to exactly what the customer is searching for and can pinpoint products that fit your every need.


Mikki’s hobbies include smoking weed :), hiking with her dogs, live music, road trips, listening to the Beatles, reading, and Netflix.  Occasionally, if you’re here on a lucky day, you may get to meet one of her furbabies, Maizy and Maya.


Mikki’s favorite product is flower!  Rolling and smoking joints is her speciality.  If you need some tips on rolling the perfect joint, just ask Mikki.  She also likes Live Diamonds by Kushmaster, Rebel Caramels, Chaos Crispies (Cookies and Cream variety) and Willie’s Reserve Indica.


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