Meet Tyler Berry!

On December 24, 2020 By Sherri in Elevated Staff


Meet Tyler Berry!


Tyler is our Assistant grower at Elevated Longmont. Tyler has been with Elevated for almost 10 months.    He has been working in the Industry for approximately a year now.  Tyler has experience in the production of joints, pre-packing flower and filling jars with distillate.  He is very excited to now be working in a grow with the plants!

There is a really good chance that if you’ve smoked Elevated flower or bought a joint or keif from our store, Tyler had a hand in those products.


Tyler passes his time studying and practicing music therapy.  He also enjoys the art of solventless THC extraction.  As if his full time employment in our grow, along with his other hobbies doesn’t keep him busy enough, Tyler also spends time doing computer hardware engineering.  


Some of Tyler’s favorite products are Bubble Blunts, Caviar Joints and Northern Lights Live Rosin.


Tyler is one of the only staff members at Elevated who does not have his own pets.  Fortunately though, Tyler rents an apartment with our Budtender Darren and claims Darren’s dogs, an English Bulldog and an Australian Shepard,  as his own.  


One final thought from Tyler:  “If it’s not American muscle, it isn’t worth driving.”


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