Meet Merc!

On April 12, 2019 By Sherri in Elevated Staff


Meet Merc!


Merc is the shop dog and mascot for Elevated Dispensary in Longmont.  He is a 6 year old English bulldog.


This is Merc’s first job in the industry and so far he’s a natural.  He specializes in greeting customers, receiving back scratches and ear rubs, and generally looking cute.  His hobbies include skateboarding, napping, and eating treats.


Merc doesn’t have a favorite product, but highly recommends anything that suits your fancy.  He does love the smell of flower, though.


Merc works most weekdays and occasionally will stop in on a Saturday or Sunday.  Next time you’re in town, stop by and take a selfie with Merc. If you post it on instagram, tag us, and follow @elevatedlongmont, you can get a penny pre-roll or single serve edible.


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